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Content marketing

We make client-centric content, solve business problems.

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JDI Marketing Agency studio 

The main mission of a business is not to make money, but to bring benefits

That is why proper communication with the client is so important. This is a guarantee that you will make the right impression, the order can become a repeat one, and the customer is permanent. For 10 years, we have been engaged together with the team in the preparation of text content: technical, medical and any other. It's not just a text, it's the art of communication: how to respond to a negative comment, how to concisely and clearly write a tip for a technical function, how to blog, how to implement a red policy in the company, how to make the word a tool for your success. We will be glad to become part of your business.

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Why you should order content from us



The text is prepared by a copywriter who is already familiar with the topic. An editor joins the process to systematize and check everything. Then the proofreader, and, if necessary, the project manager. 

We prepare material with formatting, in case you or your employee will post it yourself. We will select illustrations, write tags, place accents, make a link. 



No matter how great a copywriter is, he can have some kind of mess in his life. Of course, we have too. But we have a team and we protect each other. You won't even know on which thread the deadline was hanging. 

We are against work for the sake of work and texts for the sake of texts. Texts are a tool. They have to solve their tasks. And this is in our mutual interests. If you don't need the blog, I won't sell it because it's profitable for me. 


We are flexible in terms of work. Sketching the TK in Google Docs is great. Fill out the brief - great. Need to work in Trello or another task book - not a question. For us, there are no content problems that are not interesting. We even make seo articles meaningful and client-oriented. 

Departments of the studio



Preparation of text materials on technical topics. 

The department works under the leadership of an engineer with 8 years of experience in copywriting. 

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Preparation of text materials from practicing doctors: social media posts, articles for blogs, guides, guides, press releases, description of services and products.

Deep analytics in simple words. 


Over 10 years, 450+ projects of various topics. Department capabilities — up to 2 million characters. Expertise for the benefit of clients. 

SEO content

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PR managers, email marketers come to us. And we help them. 


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We work with marketing, PR, SEO agencies and directly with businesses. 

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You can order one text, texts for a project, a package service or an entire outsourced editorial 

Our services

For your convenience, you can order a package service from us and simply get the desired result. 

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We are preparing a content plan, we will publish it ourselves, we will make a link. 

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We download business

A little stuck in one place, sales weak and isolated? Here you are. 

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Texts for the site


Email marketing


New service or product

Reputation pages, main page, delivery, we will describe all goods or services. 

We write letters that you want to open, you want to read, you want to keep. 

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Current site

Image content

Trust? Loyalty? Favor? do you want - we can!

We will conduct an audit of the site, including the content, to identify and eliminate shortcomings. 

We encourage the desire to buy, trust and recommend your services to others. 


Work with reputation

We will worry about the reputation of your brand like a grandmother about a granddaughter. 

I want to say a huge thank you for your work. To be honest, words cannot describe how grateful I am to you. Not having close relations with the event industry, you have disclosed this topic so fully that sometimes, reading your work, it seemed to me that you are an integral part of it. Not one of the search keys was missed. Everything is very competent and professional. I will contact and advise my colleagues more than once. You are the best.

Feedback about us


Elena Popova, presenter in the event industry

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