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About the owner

Julia Bundur

Content marketer, editor, studio owner, captain in the world of content

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Hello! I am a content marketer, editor, entrepreneur, brand promoter and owner of JDI studio. 

For 10 years, I have devoted myself to text as a tool for achieving goals. 

I work with brands, marketing agencies, PR agencies, SEO studios, large and small businesses. 

I am in favor of customer-centricity of any business and product. Everything we do at JDI studio is always client-oriented. 

I am convinced that there is no non-effective content, there is a wrong course, but as the captain of the ship, I will bring the project to its goal. 

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Some of my experience 



  • prepared press releases for mass media

  • organized PR campaigns

  • tracked brand mentions 

  • a campaign to deal with negative comments

  • preparation of advertising materials and articles

  • interaction with bloggers, owners of magazines, channels, forums

  • involvement of thought leaders

  • preparation of a long-term brand promotion campaign

PR and marketing manager


Adlers. Ukraine

  • training program for the company's interns, monitoring their work

  • conducting lessons and presentations

  • independent promotion of projects

  • output of projects from search engine filters

  • conducting seo audits

  • close cooperation with development, design, advertising, and content departments

SEO project manager

Editor in Chief



preparation of text materials for publication or printing:

  • books

  • articles

  • translations

  • news

  • big boards, etc. 

About the studio

How does everything work? 

The studio is 8 years old. These are wonderful 8 years of tireless work and development, because work is loved.

When the idea of the studio appeared, no one had thought about the quality of the content. The main task was to enter all the keywords, such as "buy an inexpensive, good refrigerator in an online store in Kharkiv." Even then, as a philologist, it was difficult for me to come to terms with this state of affairs. I tried to make the texts interesting, different, useful. Years go by, but nothing changes. In the center of the content are also the needs of readers, answers to their questions, but now it is also a lot of experience, practical skills to write not just stylistically beautifully, but also to solve business tasks through text. 

The same enthusiastic and dedicated people work in the studio. And I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the JDI team is our main asset and gain. Together we closed more than 1000 different projects, worked on 500+ topics. There are clients who have been with us for 8 years, and there are employees who have been working for about the same amount of time. And it's great! 

I invite you to our big business family, because this is how we treat clients and their projects as personal. 

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